Y2 Series Squirrel Cage Asynchronous High Voltage Electric/Electrical/AC/DC Three Phase Motor 6kv 10kv 11kv

Y2 Series Squirrel Cage Asynchronous High Voltage Electric/Electrical/AC/DC Three Phase Motor 6kv 10kv 11kv
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Our efforts to improve the quality of our Three Phase AC Motor, High Precision Planetary Gearbox, AC Servo System and services will help us establish a positive image while increasing sales. We will uphold the corporate culture concept of inclusiveness, openness, integrity, innovation and development, and work hand in hand with friends from all walks of life. Our people-oriented and technology-oriented business philosophy has won us a certain scale and reputation in the industry.






Y, YX, YKK, YXKK series high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors (hereinafter referred to as motors) are new products developed by our company combined with the latest modern technology design. Y, YKK series motors adopt three-level energy efficiency;YX, YXKK series motors adopt secondary energy efficiency.

This series of motors are selected materials, exquisite workmanship, high efficiency, energy saving, small vibration, light weight, small size, reliable operation, easy to install and maintain, etc.

The power grade, installation size and electrical performance of the motor, conform to the national standard GB755 "Rotating electrical machines-Rating and performance" and the related IEC standards and domestic related standards.

The motor is used for various types of general machines, such as compressor, fan, water pump, refrigerator, conveyor belt, crusher and so on .Used to drive machinery with high rotational inertia such as blower, coal mill, rolling mill, winch, and belt conveyor .The technical requirements should be marked when ordering.

The rated voltage of the motor is 6kV or 10kV, the rated frequency is 50HZ, the rating is S1 (continuous), and the installation type is IMB3 (horizontal with foot).

The protection level of Y and YX is IP23, and the cooling mode is IC01.The protection level of YKK and YXKK is IP44, IP54, IP55, and the cooling mode is IC611 or IC616 (forced ventilation).

The motor frame is welded by steel plate and has good rigidity and vibration resistance.

The motor adopts class F insulation structure, vacuum pressure dipped paint, with good insulation performance. The bearing structure is equipped with non-stop injection and discharge device, which is convenient for users to use and maintain.

Special requirements of the motor such as: voltage, power, frequency, installation size, etc., can be customized.

The YKS (water-cooled) series motors have the same power level, performance index, and installation dimensions as the Y series motors.

applicable condition

Home application/Industrial/Boat/Truck/Driving part/Textile

installation instructions

As the requirements of clients/Adjustable


product model






working duty

protection class


Outline and installation dimensionsappearance

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After years of unremitting efforts, we have been committed to the research and innovation of Y2 Series Squirrel Cage Asynchronous High Voltage Electric/Electrical/AC/DC Three Phase Motor 6kv 10kv 11kv. Customer satisfaction and success are important yardsticks for measuring our performance. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
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