Geared-Down (Grade 2) Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor (YCJ Series)

Geared-Down (Grade 2) Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor (YCJ Series)
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Along with the 'Client-Oriented' enterprise philosophy, a rigorous high-quality control process, superior production products along with a robust R&D group, we constantly deliver premium quality products, exceptional solutions and aggressive costs for Series AT Bevel Gear Units, 12V/24V 1600W Series Wound Motor, 12V 1604 Motor For ABS Pump. We adhere to the people-oriented principle and always focus on meeting the needs of customers. From strict selection of materials to logistics and distribution, the complete service makes your selection and use more convenient, safe and efficient! Through years of continuous efforts, our company has accumulated rich experience in the research, development and manufacturing process, and has a number of professional engineering and technical personnel.







applicable condition

Home application/Industrial/Boat/Truck/Driving part/Textile

installation instructions

As the requirements of clients/Adjustable

Conditions of Use

environment temperature:Rated operation at -15°C to +40°C

Altitude:Not more than 1000m

The rated voltage:380V

Connection method:3KW and below is Y,4kw and above is △

Working duty:continuous(S1)


product model






working duty

protection class








Outline and installation dimensions


PVC sheet coated with Squirrel cage box,This box not contains wooden element.


YCJ series three-phase asynchronous gearmotor is the newest product designed and manufactured according to JB/T6447-92 standard and conforms to ICE standard.It is coupled by a driving motor and a gear reducer,It has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, light weight, low noise, small vibration and high efficiency.It is an ideal low speed power source.Widely used in metallurgy, mining, light industry, chemical industry, steel, cement, textile, printing and dyeing, sugar production, food, rubber, medicine, packaging, construction, lifting and transportation, agricultural machinery and other industries,and it can be provided for the supporting and maintenance of the imported equipment.And available for the introduction of equipment and maintenance.

According to the needs of users, it can be equipped with various types of motors, such as multi-speed, efficient, DC and so on. According to user requirements, DC electromagnetic brake or unidirectional stopper can be installed.

The protection level depends on the matching motor, it can be IP44 or IP54 or others,the cooling method is IC014.

Gears made of high quality alloy steel,after forging, making teeth, and giving strict with heat treatment.After grinding by Swiss REISHAUER gear grinding machine, the precision can reach to level 5 of GB/T10095. The housing is made of high strength cast iron with two kinds of structure, footing and flange.

The efficiency of the gear reducer, when installed in B3 or B5, the single-stage gear transmission is not less than 96%, and the two-stage gear transmission is not less than 94%,and three-stage gear transmission is not less than 92%.In general, the insulation level of the motor is B, and the winding and insulation have good electrical, mechanical, moisture-proof and thermal stability.

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We have modern machining equipment, complete testing methods, high-quality scientific and technological personnel, and rely on our professional level and mature experience in the field of Geared-Down (Grade 2) Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor (YCJ Series) to continuously provide customers with good products and services. With our advanced management and services, we are dedicated to meet your needs. And because we deal in the entire spectrum of protective equipment, our customers don't need to waste time shopping around.
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