110-240VAC 50/60Hz 4-50W AC Gear Motor (rotisserie motor)

110-240VAC 50/60Hz 4-50W AC Gear Motor (rotisserie motor)
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Over the years, we have always been engaged in the manufacture of 12V 1620 Motor For ABS Pump, 12V/24V 800W Series Wound Motor, PL High Precision Planetary Gearbox with an attitude of learning and a vision of development. We regularly organize employees to go out for study and training to improve our comprehensive market competitiveness. Our mission is 'Provide Goods with Reliable Quality and Reasonable Prices'. In terms of product service, our company has launched product quality assurance commitment, advocating 'advanced service' and 'whole process service'. In the future we will establish more strategic partners in the international market.




       YFJT100L-2A and YFJT100L-2B textile three-phase asynchronous motors are specially designed for the winding head motor, YFJT100L-2A suitable for winding heads with winding speed below 8800r/min;YFJT100L-2B suitable for winding heads with winding speed below 18000r/min.

       YFHD56-2P and YFH56-2F textile three-phase asynchronous motors are specially designed motors for winding heads of chemical fiber industry.The highest speeds are 8760r/min and 14500r/min, respectively.

       The above two kinds of motor have excellent characteristics of good speed control performance, both low speed and high speed have good starting performance. and the motor has excellent characteristics of low vibration and low noise in the whole frequency range.


 Model description



applicable condition

Home application/Industrial/Boat/Truck/Driving part/Textile

installation instructions

As the requirements of clients/Adjustable


Outline and installation dimensions appearance



Required by clients

ordering instruction

1.What needs to be clear as follows:

Dimension、voltage、frequency range、Power requirements for different frequency segments、series、working duty、protection class、wiring requirement,etc.

2. If there are any special requirement, we can also supply you after consultation.

3.The pictures and data provided in this sample are for reference only and If there is any change, no further notice.

To reach a mutual benefit of our customers, suppliers, the society and ourselves for 110-240VAC 50/60Hz 4-50W AC Gear Motor (rotisserie motor). We hope to take a brand-new management model, perfect technology, considerate service, and high-quality quality as the basis for survival and development. We are guided by the corporate tenet of 'Unity and Enterprising, Guaranteeing Quality and Quantity, and Serving Customers', and we can provide customers with products and services quickly and efficiently to meet their various needs in time.
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