10HP AC 380V Three Phase Electric Motor with Ce Certificate (YE3-132S-2 7.5KW)

10HP AC 380V Three Phase Electric Motor with Ce Certificate (YE3-132S-2 7.5KW)
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With many years of service experience and sharp market insights, we have achieved a leading level of Dia. 80 Gear Motor High Torque, Series AR Geared Motors, Dia. 64 Gear Motor High Torque research and application service. Our company has been committed to technical improvement and scientific management of business philosophy, organization of production and sales. Our company has standardized and professional production management processes from the conception, production and processing, quality inspection and business management systems. Under the market economic system, enterprises are microeconomic entities that operate independently and are responsible for our own profits and losses. We consider that market competition should follow the principles of health and fairness to promote higher efficiency of enterprises and lower cost of goods, which will help stimulate new innovations and products.

YQG series Saw Blade Cutting Motor



       YQG series Saw Blade Cutting Motor,It has the characteristics of high precision, low radial pulsation, flexible installation and reliable operation, etc.It is suitable for cutting, castings,aluminum products,wood,marble, glass,ceramics,cutting, edging, polishing and polishing of all kinds of plastic plates and so on.Widely used in woodworking machinery, aluminum machinery, plastic machinery, stone machinery, CNC machinery, sawing equipment and other high-precision equipment.

applicable condition

Industrial/Boat/Truck/Driving part/Textile

installation instructions

As the requirements of clients/Adjustable


product model






working duty

protection class

Insulation class








Direction of rotation: left-handed, right-handed. can choose.



Required by clients

ordering instruction

1. When ordering, please indicate the type, power, speed, voltage, frequency, installation structure, etc. of the motor indicated in the sample.

2. If there are special requirements, after the agreement between the two parties,we can provide you the special requirements motor.

3. If there is any change in this sample, no further notice.

We always pursue the advanced international management mode and constantly absorb the advanced technology of international and domestic 10HP AC 380V Three Phase Electric Motor with Ce Certificate (YE3-132S-2 7.5KW) equipment industry. We actively optimize the market operation model and cultivate a team of high-quality and compound talents that adapt to the changes in the global market and the development of business operations at home and abroad. The company sticks to the path of survival by quality, development by technological innovation.
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