What Are The Characteristics Of Gear Motor?

(1) The inlet and outlet oil channels are symmetrical and have the same hole diameter so that the performance is the same for positive and negative rotation.
(2) The use of external leakage oil holes, on the one hand because of the back pressure of the gear motor oil return, on the other hand because the gear motor is positive, reverse when the oil inlet and outlet chambers also change each other, if the internal drain is easy to use the shaft end oil seal Dangerous, so the gear motor is best to use external leak oil hole.
(3) For the structure of the floating side plate that automatically compensates axial clearance, it must be able to adapt to the requirements for both positive and negative rotations. At the same time, the trapped oil relief groove must also be a symmetrically arranged structure.
(4) Use more rolling bearings, mainly to reduce friction losses and improve start-up performance.