Vibration Motor How To Unload Bearings?

Vibrating motors use heavy-duty bearings, which can carry a certain amount of axial load. Regardless of the mounting direction, the bearing life is not affected by the axial load force.
1. Remove the protective cover at both ends of the vibration motor, and record the percentage of exciting force when the eccentric block works, so as to restore the original working state during installation;
2. Remove the shaft of the two shaft ends with a retaining ring;
3. Remove the bearing seat compression bolt, screw into the bearing housing with the appropriate bolts to remove the screw hole, and push the bearing seat out of the housing;
4. Loosen the outer eccentric block fastening bolts, remove the outer eccentric block, and remove the shaft key with the shaft key. Loosen the internal eccentric block fastening bolts and remove the inner eccentric block;
5. Thoroughly clean all parts of the oil;
6. Remove the bearing gland from the bearing seat and press the bearing out of the bearing seat or push it out with a suitable bolt;
7. If the bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing with inner casing separable, the bearing inner sleeve should be removed from the shaft and placed in the original bearing casing.