The Use Of Permanent Magnet DC Motor

In stage lighting, permanent magnet DC motors, especially small permanent magnet DC gear motors, are used in large quantities. Printers, scanners, hard disk drives, optical disk drives, recorders, and cooling fans in the computer industry must all be used in large quantities. Permanent magnet DC motor.
Various fans, wipers, water jet pumps, flame extinguishers, mirrors, and air pumps in the automotive industry are used in permanent magnet DC motors, automatic doors, automatic door locks, automatic curtains, and automatic water supply in hotels. Permanent magnet DC motors are used in systems and soft towel machines. In weapons and equipment, permanent magnet DC motors are widely used in missiles, artillery, artificial satellites, spacecraft, warships, aircraft, tanks, rockets, radar, chariots, etc. .
With the development of the times, the application of permanent magnet DC motors will be more. Many of the original applications of AC motors were replaced by permanent magnet DC motors. In particular, after the occurrence of permanent magnet brushless motors, the production of permanent magnet DC motors is Constantly rising, China's annual production of a variety of permanent magnet DC motors up to several billion more than the production of permanent magnet DC motor manufacturers countless.