The Dc Brushed/brushless Motor Analysis

As we known,in the driving engineering of the global,the fossil-fueled engine are limited by the governments and the people,because of the pollution.


Then,the electric motors may take more responsibilities in the future,we think maybe a decade later,we will never see the smoked cars ever.

In the vehicle industry,all the manufacturers provide of the motor-engine cars,they use the batteries as the supplies of the whole car.But in our vision now,it is not mature enough to take the duties,always some problems ahead like the recharge mileage,batteries scrapped treatment,etc.But we did know,this is a way

Here I want to analysis the dc motors used in the vehicle,dc brushed and dc brushless.

The advantages of brushless motor: high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, long life, high reliability, servo control, frequency control, low cost and easy to use.

The brushless DC motor does not use a mechanical brush device, adopts a squared waved, self-controlled , replace the carbon brush commutator with a Hall sensor, and uses rare earth as the permanent magnet material of the rotor, and the performance is relatively general. The traditional DC motor has great advantages and is the most ideal speed regulating motor.

Compare to the brushed:137031_2010624151227786.jpg

1.The grinding of the brushes.

We know the brushed motor use the brushes to commutate,when the brushed rubbed,the spark come out,in some workshop and combustible places,it is very dangerous.


When the brushes run out,we have to stop the motor and replace by new one,it will cost the time and capacities.


Like above mentioned,the friction of the brushes and the commutators got heat,then the power of output shall be less,even the wires and copper.


With the grinding of the brushes,the noise get bigger and bigger.If you don't mind,okay,but irritating.


The brushes made by carbon,with the friction the powders of carbon will fill the gap between each commutator,carbon is a good conductor.So the shortout of the commutators can be frequent.

Above,I summarized some disadvantages of the dc brushed motor when we compare with the brushless,these are very possible when we use it.

But still one thing : Brushed cheap!

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