China Motor Industry Overview

Since the 1980s, the domestic demand for micro-motors has continued to grow. China has introduced more than 50 production lines and achieved large-scale, large-scale production of 25 large-scale, 60-series, 400-variety, and 2000-spec micromotors. The main products are brush permanent magnet DC motor, low-power AC motor, AC-DC series excitation motor, shaded pole motor, stepping motor, vibration motor (mobile phone) and so on.
In 1999, the output of micro-motors in China was about 3 billion units, of which output of private and state-owned enterprises was about 250 million units, output of wholly-owned enterprises was about 1.2 billion units, output in Hong Kong was about 1.4 billion units (1.2 billion units of Dechang Company), Taiwan The output of the region is about 180 million units. In 2000, it produced about 3.9 billion units, accounting for 60% of the world's total production.
Micro-motors with high technological content, such as precision brushless motors, high-speed synchronous motors, high-precision stepping motors, chipless winding brushless motors, high-performance servo motors, and new-structure ultrasonic motors, have not yet been commercialized or mass-produced in China. Therefore, China also relies on imports for high-precision micro-motors. According to customs statistics, the average annual increase in foreign exchange from 1995 to 2000 was 26.9%. Although it increased by 4.81% in 2001, it also reached 1.197 billion US dollars.