The bldc motor in the new energy vehicle

With the rapid development of power electronics technology, microelectronic technology, microcomputer technology, rare earth permanent magnet materials, sensor technology and motor control theory in recent years, AC drive technology has gradually matured. Compared with the existing series or double-excited brushed DC motor drive system, the permanent magnet brushless motor has the advantages of high power density, small size, high efficiency, simple and firm structure, easy maintenance, and the use of permanent magnet brushless motor. The electric vehicle drive system of the drive component has lower operating and maintenance costs; the fully digital and modular structure design makes the drive interface flexible, the control capability is stronger, and the operation is more comfortable; the application of energy feedback brake technology can reduce the wear of the brake pad At the same time, it has increased the driving range of electric vehicles.

Therefore, based on the development needs and technical status of the electric vehicle market, designing and developing a fully digital electric motor permanent magnet brushless motor drive system with reliable, low cost and excellent performance has important practical significance for the development of the electric vehicle industry.

Also,as a BLDC motor used in the new energy vehicle,the motor should be ruled in those limits.

(1). The motor is compact in structure, small in size, and limited in package size, and must be specially designed according to specific products.

(2). Light weight to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. Aluminum alloy casing should be used as much as possible, and the rotation speed should be high to reduce the quality of the whole vehicle, increase the adaptability of the motor and the vehicle body, and expand the space available for the vehicle body, thereby improving the comfort of the ride.

(3). High reliability and controllable failure mode to ensure the safety of passengers.

(4). Provide accurate torque control and good dynamic performance.

(5). High efficiency and high power density. To ensure high efficiency over a wide range of speeds and torques, to reduce power loss and increase the driving range of a single charge.

(6). The cost is low to reduce the overall cost of vehicle production.

(7). Wide speed range. It should include constant torque zone and constant power zone. The constant torque output of low speed operation is large to meet the requirements of fast start, acceleration and load climbing. The high speed operation outputs constant power and has a large speed range to meet the requirements. High-speed driving requirements such as flat roads and overtaking.

(8). The instantaneous power is large and the overload capability is strong. To ensure that the car has 4 to 5 times overload capacity to meet the requirements of short-term acceleration and maximum climbing.

(9). Environmental adaptability is good. It should adapt to the different regional environments in which the car itself travels, and it can work normally even in harsh environments, with good high temperature and moisture resistance.

(10). Brake regeneration efficiency is high. When the car decelerates, feedback braking can be achieved, energy is recovered and fed back to the battery, so that the electric vehicle has the best energy utilization.

(11). Other. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low price, suitable for mass production, low noise during operation and convenient use and maintenance.

(12). Unlike general industrial motors, the drive motor used in electric vehicles should have the characteristics of wide speed regulation range, large starting torque, high backup power and high efficiency. In addition, it requires high reliability and high temperature resistance. It is moisture-resistant, simple in structure, low in cost, simple in maintenance, and suitable for mass production. In the future, China's electric vehicle drive motor system will develop toward permanent magnetization, digitization and integration.

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