Planetary gearbox noise analysis

Planetary gearbox is an important component widely used in mechanical transmission. When a pair of gears are meshed, inevitably there are errors such as tooth pitch and tooth shape. In the process of running, meshing impact occurs and the gear meshing frequency corresponds to Noise, friction between the tooth surfaces due to the relative friction also occurs, as the gear is a basic part of the gear box transmission, reducing gear noise is essential to control the noise of the gear box, in general, the reasons for the noise of the gear system are mainly the following Aspects:
1. Gear design aspects. Inappropriate parameter selection, too small overlap, improper or unrepaired tooth profile, unreasonable gear box structure, etc., base-section error and tooth-profile error in gear machining, excessive backlash, and excessive surface roughness Wait.
2. Gear train and gear box. Assembly eccentricity, low contact accuracy, poor parallelism of the shaft, insufficient rigidity of shafts, bearings, bearings, low precision of bearing rotation, improper clearance, etc.
3. Input torque in other aspects. Torque fluctuation of the load, torsional vibration of the shaft system, balancing of the motor and other transmission pairs.