How do vibration motors clean bearings?

When the bearing operates with a slight noise, it must be cleaned. Remove grease first when cleaning. Then wash it with a clean brush or a petrol rag and wash it at least 2-3 times. At the same time, care should be taken not to rotate the bearings to prevent them from being contorted with wool, thread, etc. In addition, in order to facilitate cleaning, it is best to use hot oil to wash, wash and then check the bearing, if the yuan is obviously loose the surface of the microwave beads are not flawed, add grease can continue to use.
Grease can not be added too much, too much grease will affect the no-load loss, so that the bearing temperature increases, if you open the bearing cover at this time, you can find the discoloration of the grease, and thick and thin, if not check the internal bearing Or replace the bearing and just clean the bearing without having to remove the bearing from the shaft.