High Voltage 3 Phase AC Motor(10KV)(IC01/IC611/IC616)(Water Cooling)
High Voltage 3 Phase AC Motor(10KV)(IC01/IC611/IC616)(Water Cooling)
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Y, YKK, YKX series large-scale three-phase asynchronous motors conform to GB755 "Rotating electrical machines-Rating and performance" and refer to GB/T13957 "Technical requirement for the fundamental series of three-phase large asynchronous motor"

This series of motor uses advanced modern production technology, and has been well-designed, so this series of motors have the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, low vibration and high reliability.

Y, YKK, YKX series motors are installed form IMB3 (horizontal with foot), the duty is S1 (continuous),the rated frequency is 50HZ, voltage is 6kV or 10kV.The protection level is IP23(Y), IP44(YKK,YKS),IP55(YKK,YKS) and the cooling mode is IC01(Y), IC611(YKK),IC616(YKK),IC81W(YKS).

The motor is used for various types of general machines, such as compressor, fan, water pump, refrigerator, conveyor belt, crusher and so on.

The motor frame is welded steel structure and horizontal type, bearing used end cover type sliding bearing.

The motor adopts class F insulation structure, vacuum pressure dipped paint,to ensure the reliability of motor operation.

The motor usually is single shaft-extension, but also can be changed to double extensions according to customer request.

The YKS (water-cooled) series motors have the same power level, performance standard, and installation dimensions are same as the Y series motors.


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